Getting started

How can you start?

Gaming can be a relatively expensive hobbie if you get into it, but at first all you need is your phone, or laptop, and a group
of friends that you can chat to and play with online.

What should you be carefull of?

Videogames can get very addictive, so be sure to use videogames mainly as a backup for if you cant make any other plans,
and prioritize homework and study over it.

Helpful website/apps?

If you want to download and play games, consoles such as Playstation and Xbox have built in, easy access systems for you to do so, however on a computer,
things can get a bit more complicated if you don't know what your doing, Steam is an app that you can download for free off the internet, and it includes thousands
of Games with a ton of variety, there are man freye options too. No, you dont have to call your friends if you want to chat with them while playing, apps like Discord allow
you too make groups and voice calls with your mates.

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